Welcome to My Cheeky Kitchen!

My name is Chloé and I was born and raised on St. Maarten, a small Dutch island in the Caribbean. Currently I am living in The Hague in The Netherlands with my boyfriend where I am studying Marketing Management.

My fondest memories revolve around food, and I enjoy cooking and especially eating with friends and family. My favorite place to be is in the kitchen experimenting and developing new types of dishes, as I am not one to follow a recipe.

My style of cooking is trying to think outside the box and bringing new flavors together; this can be healthy or very indulgent. The types of dishes I create are very widespread, from fancy appetizers, to funky salads or just an ordinary pizza (one of my best friends) and once in a while I need to satisfy my sweet tooth by devouring brownies. Hey it’s all about balance!

I decided to create this blog because I love talking about food and I hope that I can inspire other home cooks by sharing what comes out of my kitchen. You can follow me on Instagram @mycheekykitchen or Facebook as I frequently post pictures of what I am eating that day.

Thank you for visiting!


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